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Klimaschutzprojekte - Hydropower - Hamzali, Turkey
Hydropower - Hamzali, Turkey

The irrigated Area stretches along the Kızılırmak River within the Provinces of Ankara and Kırıkkale. The power plant facility itself is situated close to the village Çayoba in the Sulakyurt district.

The Hamzali project consists of two main components, a run-of-river hydro power plant and an irrigation system. The project is situated on the Kızılırmak River between the city of Ankara and the Kırıkkale Province. In order to utilize the river for power generation and irrigation measures it was necessary to balance the considerable seasonal variation of the water flow level through the construction of a weir. Additionally a power plant facility with an installed capacity of 16.7 MW has been constructed and is expected to produce 127 GWh of electrical energy each year. Considering the current fossil fuel dominated energy mix of Turkey, this directly amounts to an annual avoidance of 70,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Due to the guaranteed minimal flow rate of the weir, no negative impacts on the local biodiversity and water quality could be determined. Selecting this elevated location of the project allowed the irrigation of more than 9 square kilometers formerly uncultivated land without the additional use of electricity. The irrigation system has a significant impact on the local economical development and improves the job opportunities in the agricultural sector, thus helping to counteract the emigration problem of the region.

Further benefits of the project:

  • Promoting agricultural activity in the region through improved irrigation and additional agricultural training courses
  • Development of the regional infrastructure through improved road maintenance and support of municipal and local private construction projects
  • Additional regional job opportunities affiliated with the construction, as well as the operation phase of the power plant.
  • Reduce fossil fuel import dependency in the Turkish electricity sector
  • Utilization of the hydroelectric potential of Turkey in order to satisfy the growing demand and improve security of supply in the energy sector
Certification: SGS United Kingdom Ltd.
Type of certification: Gold Standard VER, Nr. 633
Total capacity: 499,249 tons CO2-equivalents
Hydropower - Hamzali, Turkey Hydropower - Hamzali, Turkey Hydropower - Hamzali, Turkey
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