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Environment consciousness We are firmly convinced that we will be able to set standards even with small changes. This starts right from resource-saving planning. The purposeful use of high-quality reusable materials, the use of low-emission materials, avoiding composites that are difficult to degrade, professional organisation of the transports - there is a large number of possibilities.

The insight of a person in understanding the fact that the natural environment - and hence the basis of the very life of humankind - is endangered by intrusion into the environment by humans themselves, is called environment-consciousness.

Consciousness is a result of awareness alone and this awareness must be awakened.
This applies to all areas, even to the surroundings in which we live.
How often do we just go through the day as a matter of routine, without really noticing the facts and the challenges in our world? These perceptions have to be sensitised, so that environmental problems can be recognised as such and solved.

In Germany, we already have a marked level of environment consciousness. A study of the environment consciousness of Germans showed that 91% of the German population considers environment protection to be a matter of importance. The study was commissioned by the German Federal Environment Agency in 2008.

The marked environment consciousness of the Germans is, not least, one reason why Germany is a world leader in the development of new technologies for protecting the environment. Germany is internationally second in the number of patents filed in the area of energy efficiency. And first as regards capturing solar energy. Pathbreaking German environment engineering is in demand globally.

In the area of environment research, too, Germany is among the leaders. Investments in research and development vary from sector to sector. In contrast to some other sectors, the environment consciousness level still seems to be relatively low in trade fair construction.
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