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Motivation "It is not enough to know,
it must also be applied;
it is not enough to want,
action is also required!"
(J.W. Goethe)

As striking as this statement is, it is also undeniably true..

Limiting climate change is one of the big challenges in our times. Although some persons sense the consequences earlier and more strongly than others, climate change affects the lebensraum of all of us. Each and every one of us should face the challenge of "Climate Change". Make your contribution by making your next fair presentation climate-neutral.
Fortunately, persons and companies in Germany are already sensitive about the environment, and motivated and committed. Many approaches for the benefit of environment protection combine into a large whole. Each one can do something, be it only to motivate others to also do something.

A fair stand is the ideal platform for communication. Within a day, you can broadcast your message not only to customers, but also to competitors, suppliers and your own employees. Is there a better opportunity to present your own company to an entire sector? Not even one that is more effective.

Owing to the public debates and the increasing sense of responsibility of the population, the environment protection requirements of the consumers - your customers - have also become more stringent.

Environment protection is not just an ethical question any more, it is a competitive factor. Companies with climate-protective production that offer environment-friendly products gain a clear image enhancement. Those who offer better environment compatibility than their competitors have a competitive advantage and are considered "pioneers".

Be an innovative company, in which environment protection is not just a nice-sounding word in public relations and marketing, but whose actions are also sustainable. Act now and communicate your commitment through your fair presentation.

Apart from the environment protection demands of the consumers, the demands of the public have also increasead. In the long term, companies should reckon with more stringent environment-related regulations. Therefore, to incorporate ecological aspects in the company ethic can become a cost benefit today itself.
Anyone who takes ecological aspects into account today is clearly at an advantage. If you are forced to do something by the law, you are only reacting, instead of being pro-active. The earlier your company orients itself to future environment standards, the greater will be the latitude you have in future, as well as your knowledge advantage.
Climate protection will not work against your ecological interests, it is a chance for further development for every company.

Active environment protection should even be declared a "matter for the boss", and it should also be a challenge for all employees of your company. A commitment to the environment represents motivation and innovation potential. It offers you the opportunity to evolve a new company culture and an identification possibility. Employees who sense that they can do something will exploit this opportunity.

Draw attention to yourself. Motivate your customers and employees to get involved.
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