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Sustainability Preserving our environment and resources and protecting the climate - that is sustainability.

There are controversial discussions on "Sustainability" in the media. Companies advertise sustainable development or sustainable environment policies.
But what does the sustainability or sustainable development praised by everyone actually imply?

This term has its origins in sustainable forestry, in which, by definition, no more wood may be chopped down, than can grow back again. Since this renewable raw material is used in trade fair construction also, involvement in this sector is desirable.

But the focus here is not just on the environment and resources conserving use of trade fair construction materials. The term has gained in breadth of meaning in the course of time. "To make development future-sustainable means that the present generation satisfies its requirements without endangering the ability of future generations to satisfy their needs." (Gro Harlem Brundtland, Chairperson of the World Commission for the Environment and Development commissioned by the United Nations)

Deriving from this definition, we get the so-called "Three-column model" of sustainability, which comprises, apart from the ecological sustainabiilty, the economical and social sustainabilty as well. An understanding of this dependence is an important approach towards becoming conscious of the responsibility for the current and especially also for the future generations.

To achieve this balance, a unit of economy, ecology and the social aspect is necessary.

Thus, sustainability does not mean just thinking about the environment, but also securing an economical basis for purchasing and well-being as well as taking into account the balance between social forces in society.
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