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Cazal Eyewear - opti 2010, Munich Press Release dated 14 January 2010
Cazal Eyewear uses national and international fairs to present itself and its products to a broad public. And in fact, the trade fair presentations from Cazal are considered models and state-of-the-art as regards design and material. Cazal is now presenting at the Opti in Munich for the first time with a climate-neutral fair stand and thus showing that design and environment protection are not mutually exclusive.

Anyone who works behind the scenes at fairs knows how much trash is collected before, during and after the event. Therefore, Cazal has worked particularly closely with atelier damböck on alternatives that are both environment-friendly as well as modern and design-oriented. "For more sustainability in trade fair construction, it is not enough any more to only think about individual measures. Our approach is to question all the individual steps of the entire value-creation and from this, derive individualised solutions for our customers that will result in a better eco-balance sheet of their trade fair presentations", declares Andreas Damböck, CEO atelier damböck.

Photographs: Michael Steiner
Cazal Eyewear - opti 2010, MunichCazal Eyewear - opti 2010, MunichCazal Eyewear - opti 2010, MunichCazal Eyewear - opti 2010, Munich
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